What Investment Tracker has done for me and what it can do for you.


“A year from now you would have wished you started today”

Once my financial picture was painted with Investment Tracker, I implemented a plan and have achieved many financial milestones.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

I have paid off all ‘bad debt’ credit cards etc.

All my expenses are easily seen and monitored. All expenses not required have been removed and the rest are easily seen therefore re-evaluated.

I have managed to possibly increase my Super amount at retirement by over $200,000 with one easy change.

I have an Investment Portfolio that is on its way to double in 3 years. The money machine is in place and working even while I’m sleeping. Make money work for you, don’t work for money.

I have wiped years off my mortgage repayments. I know when I will pay them off and each month I’m seeing it reduce dramatically on the chart.

I have an action plan and my money is automatically spent each week to decrease my liabilities and increase my assets which in turn increases my Net worth week by week. Investment tracker charts all this and more, keeping you motivated to stay on track.

It’s helped with my tax. The data from the spreadsheet is ready to give straight to your tax agent. (Investment tax information)

I can see all my forecasted asset totals with Investment Trackers forecasting tools so I can plan my end game/retirement. (It’s closer than you think)

And much more.

Once you start using this, the only way is up.


Investment tracker is a simple tool already formatted so anyone from a stay at home parent to the seasoned Investor can simply input their financial information and paint a picture. It then allows them to see where they are at and introduce their action plans to start hitting financial goals and track their expenditure and investments. Even if you have a tight budget and small income, Investment Tracker will keep you on a progressive path.

The best part about it, the smallest changes can result in massive gains! Compounded further if you have time on your side. Some of these actions can be implemented instantly and easily. If combined with the will to learn more about money and Investing, the possibilities are endless. Refer to Investment Trackers reference list and join ‘The Investment Trackers group’ on Facebook for all the best learning material.

I will talk about individual pages in more detail in the near future.

So what have you got to lose!