I think it’s safe to say most New year’s resolutions fail.

One of my mentors – Tim Ferriss, has produced a better method.


Review 2018.

Most people seem focused on the future without spending time on reviewing their past achievements or failures. We all know the best people in their fields are where they are today from learning from their failures.

We get a great insight to our personal growth through a yearly review.

What did you do well? What did you not do so well?

Be brutally honest. Face harsh realities.

I’ll let you read how it’s done in the above link and add my thoughts/insights.

80/20 rule

Focus on the 20% that gave you the best results. Tim Ferriss is a big fan of this rule and that’s why he has incorporated it into this strategy. We all get bogged down on doing a lot of work that isn’t essential to getting results, by focusing on the 20% we put the odds in our favour and manage time better.

Keep a Journal

Look back on your year with ease by keeping a journal, it will keep you focused in the year and is a great place to review your year.

Things I track in my journal:

  • Visions / Goals
  • Habits / Morning rituals
  • Books I’m reading
  • Monthly outlook
  • Daily events / milestones
  • A new inspirational quote each day – (use Momentum)
  • Projects / what I’m working on
  • To do list

I obviously use Investment tracker as my financial journal and review / record with it monthly:

  • Net worth
  • Cashflow
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Mortgage
  • Super
  • Forecasts
  • Trades

and more. Use this diligently and I guarantee you will see results.

Book List

Record and review the books you have read. It will give you a good insight into what you have learnt and were focused on in that year. Every book with the highest star rating, make sure to read again.



All the best for 2019 !